Lichfield Cathedral Choir Advent Quiz 2016

The Archangel Gabriel in a cope with a jewelled morse in Jan van Eyck's Annunciation, 143436, by I, Sailko (CC BY-SA 3.0 a rummage through Regent Records' entire catalogue, the 2016 #AdventQuiz is over. There have been just over 600 entries in total, of which nearly 570 entries were correct. Several days were clearly too easy as all the entries were correct, and while many people clearly only entered if they believed they were right (the entries reveal few guesses), the three most difficult days appeared to be Days 11, 23 and 25.

Congratulations to the overall winner, Gilly French, whose name was selected at random from the two people listed below to get all twenty-eight correct. The second prize (also getting all correct) goes to David Noble, and the third place with twenty-six (missing Days 11 and 19) goes to Davide Mutti.

Honourable mentions must also go to Kristina Shakeshaft and Peter Parshall (both scoring 25), Jonathan Lilley (scoring 24) and Dan Soper (with 21).

The clips can still be accessed through the introduction page where the answers are also available. The daily winners, picked at random from the correct entries, are listed below.

  1. Sunday 27 November: Winner: Stephen Nichols
  2. Monday 28 November: Winner: David Perry
  3. Tuesday 29 November: Winner: Richard Longman
  4. Wednesday 30 November: Winner: Ross Cobb
  5. Thursday 01 December: Winner: Will Dawes
  6. Friday 02 December: Winner: Frikki Walker
  7. Saturday 03 December: Winner: Scott Farrell
  8. Sunday 04 December: Winner: Henry Metcalfe
  9. Monday 05 December: Winner: Ruth Brown
  10. Tuesday 06 December: Winner: Martyn Rawles
  11. Wednesday 07 December: Winner: Gilly French
  12. Thursday 08 December: Winner: Paul Hammond
  13. Friday 09 December: Winner: Kristina Shakeshaft
  14. Saturday 10 December: Winner: Henry Deacon
  15. Sunday 11 December: Winner: Kathe Wright Kaufman
  16. Monday 12 December: Winner: David Werry
  17. Tuesday 13 December: Winner: Dan Soper
  18. Wednesday 14 December: Winner: David Noble
  19. Thursday 15 December: Winner: Andrew Massey
  20. Friday 16 December: Winner: Jonathan Lilley
  21. Saturday 17 December: Winner: Patsy Howes
  22. Sunday 18 December: Winner: Rebecca East
  23. Monday 19 December: Winner: Gilly French
  24. Tuesday 20 December: Winner: Peter Parshall
  25. Wednesday 21 December: Winner: Davide Mutti
  26. Thursday 22 December: Winner: Chris Ouvry-Johns
  27. Friday 23 December: Winner: Mark Taylor
  28. Saturday 24 December: Winner: Tim Boxall

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