$pagetitle='Personnel: Choristers'; Lichfield Cathedral Choir Lichfield Cathedral Choir Choristers (leaving in 0s)

Choristers (leaving in 0s)

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2015 ADAMS, Thomas
2015 BRAICH, Jeevan
2016 CORBETT, Aaren
2012 DERRY, Piers
2016 EARDLEY-TAYLOR, William
2013 GANDHI, Jaimie
2015 GORWOOD, Guy
2013 HUTT, Finlay
2016 MILLS, Bryn
2012 PACKHAM, William
2015 REVELL, George
2016 SIM, George
2014 SUTTON, James
2016 TAYLOR, Mateusz
2013 TAYLOR, Szymon
2013 WALKER, Joseph
2016 WARD, Charlie

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