$pagetitle='Personnel: Choristers'; Lichfield Cathedral Choir Lichfield Cathedral Choir Choristers (joining in 1920s)

Choristers (joining in 1920s)

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1920s 1930s BAGNALL
1920s 1920s CORBET
1920s 1930s CRADDOCK
1920s 1920s DENNY, John
1920s 1920s DODD, JL
1920s 1930s DONSON, Arthur Raoul (Ray)
1920s 1931 FOLLOWS, Stanley
1920s 1930s HODKINSON, Charles
1920s 1930 INSTONE
1920s 1920s KNIGHT, George
1920s 1930s LEE
1920s 1920s MEANLEY, Hubert Edward Silvester
1920s 1930s PARKINSON, William
1920s 1920s PROBERT
1920s 1920s RIGBY
1920s 1930s THOMPSON
1921 1926 ALLEN, John James
1921 1922 HOOD, R
1926 1932 MILNER, Jack

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